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Choosing The Perfect Cart

While modern technology has paved the way for the popularity of online shopping on the internet, nevertheless, the world cannot do away with traditional brick and mortar stores. Your store is, thankfully, here to stay. Having said this, there are three critical must-knows before choosing the carts that will work best for you.


Floor Space:

First make sure to get accurate measurements of your store floor space. Often, smaller sized stores can only handle small sized or express lane carts.In some cases, a store has so little floor space they can only offer their customers a rolling floor-basket

Aisle Space:

Next, get accurate measurements of your store aisle-width. The ideal aisle is wide enough to accommodate two-way traffic comfortably. If you choose a cart that takes up most of the aisle width, then two shoppers cannot navigate the aisle easily at the same time, and by default, the aisle becomes a one-way traffic aisle. Once you have the exact measurement, figure out what half the aisle width is, leave some wiggle room, and choose a cart that fits nicely into half the aisle.

Color & Design:

Finally, look around your store and study the decor. You want to choose a color and design that not only is harmonious to your store but will also enhance the look so your customers will take notice. When your store and your carts are aesthetically pleasing to the eye, your shoppers will be happy, relaxed, and feel good about their shopping experience.They may even stay longer than they intended.


Once again, there are three basic points to bear in mind about the type of products your store carries; Small versus bulky, heavy versus light, and the presence of perishable goods that could be squashed by other products.

Small vs. Bulky:

A shallow cart is generally more suitable for smaller items to avoid the need to bend down to grasp the item. Bending down to pick up many small items can take a toll on the customer’s back. On the other hand, a deep cart gives you more room for large and bulky items, and the customer can pick it out of the cart without much bending.

Heavy vs. Light:

In most cases, heavy products or items are not suitable to be placed in a shopping basket as they probably require a strong and sturdy cart. However, for lighter items, baskets are ideal especially in stores with no or little room for large carts.

Products Which Can Be Crushed:

Foods or perishables are usually quite delicate. They need to be placed and transported in a way to prevent them from getting crushed and damaged by the other products in your cart. You should consider using the divider option which allows for the easy and safe transport of your delicate goods without the fear of crushing them.


In choosing the perfect cart, it is also essential to know the approximate age of your customers, and whether they shop daily, weekly, or monthly.

Older vs. Younger:

Older customers are most often content to stick with smaller and easy to maneuver shopping carts. These give them more flexibility while also avoiding the need to lift up a basket. 

Daily, Weekly, or Monthly Shoppers:

Customers who stop by your store on a daily basis usually make small purchases as needed. A basket or small express cart will most probably suffice for this.If they shop on a weekly or monthly basis they are we compare daily shoppers from weekly and monthly shoppers, the latter will usually purchase fewer products which make them eligible to a basket or express cart. However, weekly and monthly shoppers will obviously require larger carts or baskets as these customers have the tendency to shop in bulk. Now proceed to the next step:



It is necessary to bear in mind the size and dimensions of the cart or basket that works for your store and your products. Check the maximum capacity. Figure out how many items of your products you want to fit in the cart. See what the height of the cart and basket handles are, and if this will be a comfortable height for your customers.


Here at Carts4u, we are proud to bring you shopping carts and baskets that are the highest quality in the market that are guaranteed to withstand
the test of time due to heavy use, rust, and corrosion.


As mentioned above, look around your store and study the décor. You want to choose a color and design that not only is harmonious to your store but will also enhance the look so your customers will take notice. When your store and your carts are aesthetically pleasing to the eye, your shoppers will be happy, relaxed, and feel good about their shopping experience. They may even stay longer than they intended.

CARTS: Wire or Plastic?

Metal Wire-Carts:

Metal wire carts are still considered the traditional shopper’s cart. They come with a lot of available options as to size and capacity. Metal wire carts are very durable and the power coating and tech seal finish will keep it looking new.You will not have to worry about any rusting or oxidation.Also, economically speaking, wire carts are less expensive than plastic ones.Additionally, with wire carts you have the option to coat them in the color of your chose to blend into your store theme.

Plastic Shopping Carts:

Some store owners are slowly adapting to the plastic shopping carts over the traditional wire carts. Although they cost a little more, plastic carts have the benefit of being relatively lighter, making them more customer friendly. Plastic carts are also stronger than wire, reducing wear and tear even more. Plastic carts also come in many color variations which add the look and feel of your store.

Cart Style: Express? Deep? Shallow?

Express Convenience Carts:

These carts are made to convert basket shoppers into cart shoppers. Express convenience carts are a great alternative for the basket shopper as it gives more room and more flexibility to the average shopper. These petite carts can maneuver easily through crowded or narrow store aisles. They also hold considerably more than baskets. Shoppers appreciate the added convenience the smaller and agile cart provides and will shop for longer and buy more items.

Deep Carts:

These carts are roomier and have more basket capacity. Large bulky items fit comfortably in deep carts and are removed easily.Deep carts are built very strong with deep shelf sides to carry heavy products.Strong steel welded construction ensures durability and toughness.

Shallow Carts:

These carts are customer friendly because the shopper need not bend to lift items out of the cart.They are perfect for an accumulation of small sized products, or a few large ones.

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