Choosing Your Shopping Basket

hand basket

Shopping Baskets: Hand or Rolling?

Hand Basket

Hand baskets are great and in every sense of the word - handy. They make shopping feel personal and cozy. Your customer doesn’t have to push anything, and nothing trails behind.The items plucked from the shelves are much closer to the shopper’s body. They are great for quick in and out shopping. The basket must, however, be sturdy enough to give the customer confidence that the items won’t spill, and comfortable enough to carry without too much strain. Keep in mind though that hand baskets are limited to holding only a few lightweight items.

Rolling basket

A rolling basket is a crossover between a basket and a grocery shopping cart. A rolling basket on smooth wheels, with comfortable handles at the right height, makes shopping for more items or heavier items easier. They give the shopper sweat- free pulling, regardless of the weight inside.

Rolling baskets should preferably also have handheld handles to allow the customer to pick it up and dispose of the items onto the checkout counter. Rolling baskets are easy to power wash and keep sparkling clean. They also have the advantage of allowing for quick and easy stacking and detaching.

Shopping Baskets Color

As with shopping carts, look around your store and study the decor. You want to choose a color and design that not only is harmonious to your store but will also enhance the look so your customers will take notice. When your store and your baskets are aesthetically pleasing to the eye, your shoppers will be happy, relaxed, and feel good about their shopping experience. They may even stay longer than they intended.

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