Choosing Your Corrals

cart corral


All store owners want their carts to live a long and healthy life. They also want their store to look neat and clean at all times. Nesting your carts in a corral is the best way to accomplish this. Your chose of a corral should be based on the amount of space you can take away from your store, the amount of carts you want to park, and the location where you want to set up the corral.


Place your corral in a highly visible location and use a bright color to make it as noticeable as you can to your customers. Your corral should also allow for easy access by your shoppers. If you are using a parking lot corral, make sure it is situated to enable easy access from every part of the lot.

Outdoor Corral:

If your chose is an outdoor corral, we recommend that you construct a roof over it to protect your carts from natural elements that can hasten rust and deterioration. If you want to place your corral in a parking lot where cars will be moving in and out, the corral should have rubber bumpers so that the cars do not cause dents or scratches.

Basket Stands

Generally speaking, the taller the basket display the more noticeable it is to potential shoppers. However, depending on your store size, it may be practical to strategically place. Several basket stands in various locations of your store.Make sure to choose an attractive basket design and color.

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