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Big Basket Shopping Cart

As low as $139.99 $139.99

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Sometimes shopping calls for a device larger than a basket but smaller than a shopping cart. The basket cart is the perfect solution for stores with narrow aisles, heavy products, and frustrated customers. You can even improve the number of impulse purchase in store with the basket cart !


  • Option of 5 distinct layers of finish, Bright copper, 2 coats of nickel, chrome and a clear poly final coat
  • Only 16 wide
  • 2 baskets included
  • Rounded handle end
  • No handle ears on the end that can be broken/lost
More Information
Lead Time2-4 Weeks (Please note: Delivery times are not guaranteed)
Cart Nesting6.8
Dimensions 21”L x 15.8” W x 37”H
Weight35 lbs.
Minimum QuantityMin Order: 5