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                                                                                About Carts4U

Welcome to Carts4U, a one-stop shop for all shopping carts and shopping baskets. We also supply their related parts and accessories. Carts4U offers premium quality carts and baskets that are durable, comfortable, and fully functional.

Our Story

Being in the store display business for many years, we came to the realization that carts and baskets shouldn’t only be an easy way for customers to collect their merchandise while they shop. They also have tremendous potential to serve your store as a mobile store display. These carts and baskets are the first object your customer will grab onto when they enter your store, and the last thing he or she will be holding before leaving. Every time they put something in, or take something out, they will take notice of it. That is the very reason we began Carts4U. Our company motto is, “Don’t buy any cart, buy your cart”. Choose a cart or basket that will represent your store the best and be most pleasing to your customer.

Our Products

Carts4U brings to you a vast range of products to choose from. We have all kinds of shopping carts, such as plastic shopping carts, wire shopping carts, express shopping carts, stylish european carts, specialty carts etc. as well as different types of Shopping baskets, including rolling baskets, mesh baskets, perfume baskets, and more. We also provide related parts and accessories for our carts and baskets. Since no two stores are alike, we therefore deliver to our clients a diverse range of products so they can select the shopping carts or shopping baskets that suit their store best. If you’re unsure what carts or baskets are right for your store, we’re always ready to help you with ideas regarding what’s best for your store.


When you let us customize our beautiful carts and baskets with your own personal store logo, you utilize this unique ‘branding’ opportunity to influence and impact your consumers, and deeply ingrain your store into the minds of your buyers - throughout their shopping experience. Your customers will come back to shop with you again and again!

Our Promise

We promise to deliver to you the highest standards of quality in our shopping carts and baskets. We understand that your customers want to conduct their shopping in comfort and that the carts and baskets have great functionality. You, as the store owner, need carts and baskets that will last for a long time. After all, these are not products you expect to replace every day. That is why we make sure that our products are exactly that: high quality, optimally functional, and highly durable.

So, don’t miss the unique opportunity to make an impact on your customers by conveniently utilizing your shopping carts and baskets as your mobile store displays. Turn Carts4U products into great advertising companions of your shoppers, and you will enjoy seeing your customers shopping at your store again and again!

For more information or any questions, don’t hesitate to contact us today. We’re happy to help!


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