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Frequently Asked Questions

Q: Why do you have a minimum quantity order for some grocery shopping carts?

A: To ship a single grocery shopping cart could cost more than the price of the shopping cart itself. Moreover, shipping to a residential address which is usually the case for small orders is not an easy task. We, therefore, try as much as possible to balance things so that we can deliver a good product at a good price to our buyers.

Q: Your shipping quotes seem high? Why don’t you offer free shipping?

A: We all love free shipping, but guess what, shipping is never free. Even when advertised as free, it is typically included in the total product price. This is a great method when the shipping cost is only a few dollars. However in the case of grocery shopping carts, since they are bulky and heavy therefore they could only ship LTL (Less-Then Truck Load) freight carriers. And yes LTL shipping is expensive.

Q: Do you ship all over?

A: We ship anywhere in the Contiguous United States. For Alaska and Hawaii, please contact us.

Q: Why are the shipping quotes for commercial addresses only?

A: Since grocery shopping carts ship LTL (Less-then Truck Load), these trucks have a hard time maneuvering around in residential areas. Therefore the charge for the shipping is much higher for residential area deliveries, and in some cases, last minute unpredictable circumstances come up which makes it impossible for our system to calculate the charges ahead of time.

Q: Does my order require a liftgate?

A:Shopping carts are being delivered on pallets and has to be unloaded from the truck upon delivery. Unless your location has a docking platform or a forklift, the answer is yes it will require a liftgate. If your order requires a lift-gate, please choose that option at checkout.

Q: How soon after ordering could I expect my order?

A: Depending on the particular grocery shopping cart model, our average delivery is within two weeks. If your order includes custom printing, it could take a little longer.

Q: Why do you need my phone number for shipping?

A: A delivery of grocery shopping carts cannot be dropped off on your front porch. It will need planning and coordination, and therefore we need to be in touch with you to arrange the delivery.

Q: Does Carts4U guarantee its products?

A: Although we don’t offer our own warranty/guarantee; all of our products come with a manufacturer warranty. See more details in the link on the bottom of this page under the Store Policy title.

Q: How do I set up an account?

A: Setting up an account is easy. As a new customer, click the Create an Account button and enter the required information when prompted. For returning customers, select account/login and enter your email address and click on login as usual.