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10 Pc Mini Basket Set W-Rack and Logo

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Set of 10 high quality, durable mini baskets, logo, rack, and sign included. Yes, these baskets are more expensive but so is to keep on replacing them. These baskets are strong and last long. Proudly made in the US.

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Set of 10 high-quality mini baskets, logo, rack, and sign included. These high-quality Mini baskets are manufactured in the US from 100% recycled plastic that we get from grinding automobile radiator housings there stronger than wire, more durable and much more comfortable.


  • Strong-The baskets are much sturdier than other baskets on the market. This strength is due to the fact our baskets have more plastic in them with thicker, high impact polypropylene walls and smaller holes in the bottom. Plus we designed cantilevered corners for extra strength. Our baskets therefore, are stronger and will not break as easily as others and will reduce replacement costs.
  • Comfortable unbreakable handle- our handles are a mixture of fiberglass and nylon 66 recycled from automobile parts such as radiator housing. They are much stronger than any other plastic handle and more comfortable with the contoured grip, especially compared to uncomfortable wire handles.
  • We Also have a better And taller basket display a stacking high taller display means more impulse sales as the baskets will be seen & used more.
More Information
Lead Time 2-4 Weeks (Please note: Delivery times are not guaranteed)
Basket Capacity N/A
Dimensions Length: 12" Width: 5.9" Height 5"
Weight N/A
Material Polypropylene
Warranty 1 Year Limited Warranty